Developing Novel Combination Medical Devices to Treat Unmet Medical Needs

About ConductiveBio

Leading the Way in Nanomaterial-Based Medical Devices

ConductiveBio builds conductive bioscaffolding to deliver novel stem cell therapies in combination with electrical stimulation.

Our first target is stroke. Currently no therapies exist outside of the first 24 hours. We are developing an advanced stroke therapy available to patients in the weeks to months post stroke – a clear unmet medical need. Our approach combines stem cell therapy with electrical stimulation using a nanomaterial-based bioscaffold implant. Electrical modulation of the implant activates the implanted cells to produce key neurotrophic and cell-signaling factors that promote recovery from stroke.


The World’s Highest Performing Conductive Bioscaffold

ConductiveBio has seamlessly integrated novel nanomaterials to produce the world’s highest performing conductive bioscaffold. Through the combination of an embedded electrical circuit and a precisely controlled cell receptive layer, our devices integrate multiple cues – electrical, biochemical, and topological to promote cell attachment, growth, proliferation, and differentiation.

Intellectual Property

Revolutionizing Cell Culture with Nanomaterials

Our implants combine two unique nanomaterials: a nanostructured biopolymer and an electrically conductive nanomesh enabling in-vivo electrical modulation of transplanted cells and surrounding tissue. This nanowire technology is the basis for novel touch sensors found in millions of phones, tablets, and displays – including flexible displays… ConductiveBio’s founders invented this nanowire technology which has been exclusively licensed for its use in medical applications.


Nanomaterials for the Future of Medicine


Innovating in Medical Applications with Nanomaterials

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